Day 2 with no F10 CS/HM orbs!! YOYL!! :))

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Sorry this introduction is offtopic and long but I'll get to the point eventually.
I usually stay away from forums but I've just about ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing had it with these bullshit out of touch changes you guys are doing in this game.

>WL almost unplayable without 3rd party macro - but I can live with a bit lower DPS until it gets balanced (you could have just buffed the base dmg... but now we cant even use all the 4s that are available)

>additionally before fight: Shift+E, Block+SB, proc bracelet, use Wingstorm, THEN i can start doing some DMG. But wait! By then Talisman and soulproc are basicly OVER!! There's too mush ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to activate - but i guess that's fixable by, you guessed it, 3RD PARTY MACRO!!
I'm used to it though, WL has been trashed since its release.
But hey at least you cramped in another item to upgrade (which I most certainly WON'T do)

What I can't put up with is that after just 2 days of you removing the free Ascension Orb pack in F10 all I see is full F8 parties with "YOYL" and "need orb" messages. Parties that say "moml" fill up in a MICROSECOND because there are dozens of people camping dat juicy "got orb" link at all times. And 6 shards in F5 add up to almost 40 gold to enter 1 (3 year old) dungeon!! Dungeons that we already farmed for YEARS and you ripped the items from us, buffed the HP DUMB high just to waste our time and disrespect us! They don't even do more DMG afaik.
God forbid long time players get free items or any advantage for running older content and helping new players :x
I've stopped tryharding endgame content weeks ago, but if this inaccessibility persists I'll quit events too.

What I take from this change (and changes in the past) is that you don't want me playing this game. Waiting 20-30mins in a lobby or faction chat just to run 1, if lucky, 2 dungeons to drop limited time event items is not gameplay. Not to mention the spite replacement items in the auction... and daily lockout... and reset tokens... it's too much guys... 

P.S: Can't wait for the usual comments of salty whales who want their moneys worth and players with stockholm syndrome
P.P.S: I'm sorry the introduction to this post was offtopic and long in general. But I won't be posting again for a while anyway

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Im angry, i bought resets for cs and HM in the past and painfully farmed those orbs from Zaiwei ruins solo and to have them become useless as they have been. Absolute betrayal.. Its like this company just takes our money, effort and time and then destroys the value of all that hard work.

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This is real fact in the game. THose rooms with orbs are filled in less than 1 second.


So difficult to get Orbs now, how to even do this event without having to spend Gold to buy orb shards?

I spent really long time waiting yesterday to complete the events

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Dead event is dead, not spending half an hour each day trying to get into a party with an orb. What nc did with the white orbs is the biggest middle finger to the players ever. Good thing we have enough braindead whales who blow all their money into trove no matter how much crap they pull otherwise they would had to shut down the servers long time ago with the way they treat their playerbase.

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