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lockup in battle is still there....


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Was in a party doing Desolate tomb.  We did ok till the final boss.  when it said he was about to launch an attack, I was suppose to 

press space, but ... that was the end.... didn't come back for over 30s.  I left and tried to get back in , but no luck.


I can tell the game is broken -- just trying to look up things like clicking on an item to look at the upgrade path breaks the sound.  Almost anything that requires processing breaks the sound/music with gaps.  That's unplayable.  This so suck, I finally get access to game back but this type of performance is still unplayable.  I know it isn't my machine since it doesn't happen with any other game.


Also, I'm see larger than normal numbers on at the same time....usually 2-3k users is max, but seeing over 4k users.  Maybe the game can't handle larger numbers of users very well?    Maybe they need to spread users out more among more machines?


It feels like the servers are overloaded.

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