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Can't log into new launcher.


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So I've been having a problem for 4 days now where I am unable to log into the new launcher. I can download it, open it, but when I put my info in and try to connect my PC kind of freezes for a bit and then I get this error.


I've been working with support for the last few days doing the basic "Uninstall, reinstall. Turn off your firewall/anti-virus and try. download the launcher directly" It sucks because I was able to play it just fine with the old one but now that I have fully deleted it and my B&S I can't anymore. If anyone is having this problem or knows a way to fix it please let me know.

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I was finally able to fix the problem on my own after dealing with support for days. No offense to them, they were doing their job/best they could but it was going too slow so I looked for help elsewhere. Ended up having to download the files missing from a 3rd party. then update my windows system.


Hope to see you all server side.

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