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My two cent on Awakening Skills: overall more powerful, but also more limited

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-Streamlining some classes' rotation, thus resulting in easier, more fluid and efficient DPS. For example: Earth Summoner becomes less dependent on timing.


-Fix some years-old class frustrating problem. For example: Warlock's problem with skills being critical and focus dependent.


-Overall, the system provides DPS increase to all classes.



-Talents give players no freedom of choice cuz some skills get bundled together in a single talent. For example: as Summoner, in order to have cat curl that recovers focus, I'm forced to select the talent that makes my root a 45s cooldown one. I can no longer select them separately like before. If I select cat taunt. If I select the rolling skill, I cannot choose to have the 24s or 45s cooldown root.


-Some talent rows are not really matter. For example, Fire Gunner's Row 2 offers a slow debuff, a knockback, or a daze. All of them are pvp-benefiting, but are all useless or very situational in PvE.


-Talents limit players' freedom to select their ability to CC. You can no longer select between stun,daze and knockdown for their button 2 as gunner, for instance. You certainly let them have CC skills in other places (Knockdown with 1-F, Daze with 3), but this requires to select certain talents.


-Finally, some talents' row gives illusion of choice. You have three talents, but everyone will just select one and stay there till the end of the Earth. You won't see a Dark (Curse) Warlock that agrees trait for Time Distortion even though people yell at them, cuz they will have to sacrifice their 1 Helix/spectral orb talent if they do so.


-Pvp scene is... well, I let you decide it by yourself :3

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Distortion locks have 2 really good talents on the same line basically making it so you have to choose more dragon call cooldown from bombard or always instant cast dragon call with a 15 second cool instead... not to mention if warlocks in general have burning at both ends thrall no longer has SB which seems odd to me but w/e

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I do not agree on the summoner part you listed. Its simply means you have to prioritize what you use...i mean which summ uses roots in pve in the first place? Except maybe TT mini boss but thats about it. If your roots are longer cd, that doesnt really influence anything since thorn strike extends poison now.

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I dont like thoses "talents" either only for the reasons that it group skills change together, while before you could individualy change "each skills" according to your like.

The previews simplification where all skills trees disapeared in favor of less choice was "ok", but now, its honestly pretty disapointing.


Lets me individualy change each skills with option like i want :/

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