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Accessory Offering bug (Rukesh Earring to GC Earring)


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Just got my GC Earring (Celestial Emperor Earring for Spirit Sword BM, Stage 6), and wanted to upgrade it to 10. On the way, I needed to use a Hollow Earring for Stage 3->4. I buy it from the vendor, no problem. Next, I need a Rukesh Earring. I saved one from a previous run (before the patch). This doesn't work. It doesn't light up in the UI, and when I drag it over, it says that Rukesh Earring isn't Rukesh Earring. I have a suspicion this is a bug caused by pre-Mystic-patch accessories used in upgrading new accessories, but that's just a guess.


Character Name: Kevdk Ionguard

Server: Jinsoyun



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Yeah, I had to do the same. Really not ideal, as you might not get that drop for some time. So it's still an issue.


I found a way to detect which accs are broken by this. Under Advance on the item tooltip, if it only says Evolution Material, they can't be used. If it says Evolution Material and Breakthrough Material, they can. I compared my replacement earring with the other one, and the old one didn't have the Breakthrough Material modifier, even if they were otherwise identical.

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