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Returning player with a few questions


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My friend I have taken some breaks in the game and i have played since the start years go but now after our recent break of 6 months i need ot get some answers. most are with equipment.


1:  I been using Baleful due to the skills i used but now i do need to change to either Raven or Dawnforge and not sure which i should go for, does it depend on the skills one uses most or is there a preferred one for each class?(I have a Sin, BM, KFM, SF, FM, Gunner and BD)


2: Now for accessories i still have the old stuff like True Oathbreaker stuff but been hesitant to just switch due to the attack power bonus, but should we just ditch those now and forget about the attack power?


3:  What does the skyshatteer and Raven effects do and what does Mystic do as well if anyone knows

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