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Afther Launcher Update FPS problems


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I used to have 40/60 fps on bosses and in general 100/120+ (64bits)

Afther maintenance / launcher i have 10 fps on bosses now. (64bits)

Seen multiple people in faction having same issues (it's not for everyone)

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the launcher doesnt really have anything to do with the fps its just a tool to start the game. Did you do all the standard checks? and in your if you use nvidia, nvidia control panel?

Someone somewhere even suggested to right click the client.exe, compatibility tab and check the disable full screen optimization option in there for fps boost.


Personally i didnt encounter any fps drop or other issues.

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Windows 7 user here.

Using the old launcher.

I logged in today, first time in a week, and right on the start menu with the pin code i got a slide show with about 5 fps. After some alt+tabing and looking on the temperature of my CPU/GPU (which was all cold as ice) the fps returned to it's normal 120. But when i got to the character screen it again dropped. After some alt+tabing it went back to 120 again, but after loading in to my character it droped back to 4-6 fps. After this i could return my normal fps with some alt+tabing, but the moment i open my inventory, quest menu, bank, skills or anything - it drops to 4-6 fps until i alt+tab for some more... This is ridiculous.

People in chat told me that some of them had simillar problem with the after they installed the new launcher, but i still got the old one, so it's definately not a launcher problem, but most likely - broken game update or broken anticheat update.

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