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New launcher

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I had to redownload the ENTIRE game. Now it takes up 65GB on my SSD and isn't even completely done patching. 

I used to run 4 games on my SSD now I deleted them all and can't even completely finish downloading this patch.


Dunno what they did but its a huge mess

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5 hours ago, Shining Neo said:

Dunno what happend but a colleagues ssd is not big enough 4 the new BnS Client... so she is not able to install BnS properly. She tried deleting the unnecessary languages but they werent worth 1gb...

Let check check if she does not already have the game files double. for me the launcher started downloading the entire game first, after i changed the game file location to where my game actually was it just did a 1-2gb update but the original few GB of the files where it started downloading the full game again were still there in the other folder so i manually deleted those.

Also the language folders for me at least have 2,8 GB each

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