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Awakening Patch Bladedancer Simple Mode Bug


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Simple mode for lightning BD is even worse than the pre-awakening patch. The lightning rotation allows: LMB F LMB LMB F LMB LMB (flicker Lflash flicker flicker Lflash) as its doing an extra flicker in-between the lightning flash skill which significantly reduces the overall dps. The pre-awakening patch rotation allows: LMB F LMB F LMB (flicker Lflash flicker Lflash etc) enabling more lightning flash damage to flicker ratio. Is there any way to fix this bug soon?

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I went back to manual anicancel, but after months of using simple mode, takes some learning again. Even tho i have low ping and can anicancel manually, simple mode was good, because you could focus on other things more, like iframes etc. Hope it gets fixed soon, because as it is now, just doing LMB+LF is perfect, old simple mode was bad because it used X also. Any dev here, that has any ETA for patching this?

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