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How to use lvl 60 voucher on existing character?


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I had another character I wanted to lvl up to 60, and got the voucher but am having problem applying it to my character.  I thought  I was supposed to be in the pre-game lobby where I pick what char I want to go in on and press escape.  Nothing happens.  I can click on the voucher icon, but it just tells me that using it is non -refundable and then there is a confirm button.  I press confirm and again -- nothing happens.  I was told I should see some extra menu item appear in the lower left, but that's not happening.    Is this another known bug?

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Ok, I was confused by the text I receive when I first acquired the voucher in my inbox -- which said it could only be used

from the character lobby.  Then came instructions to press escape to see the voucher icon to the far left.  Well, 1) its near the middle of my screen, but main point, its not in the character lobby, but the regular icon menu in the game.  That's where pressing escape brings up all the icons including the voucher icon.


So confusing / conflicting instructions but no bug...

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