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I'm a total newblet at f8. Someone plz explain how it works and things of that sort..

I'm level 60 hm 14 but do not know why I'm always kicked from dungeon lobbies/parties. I farmed the majority of my gear off of celestial basin, but never got to complete quests such as "The Dead Refuse to Die." I've practically been going solo this whole time.

I also have trouble understanding chat abbreviations such as WTS, (now I know MSPis Midnight Skypetal Plains)


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It sounds like you are trying to join parties in the chat on the left... those mostly want certain requirements, like 1.2k AP (which is 1200 attack power) or vtg (vt gear, VT the second raid, which you don't have right out of the story).

up to ebondrake lair I personally use the lfp button. the System then searches for other people using that button. Star stone mines can be searched for like this as well, but I mostly look at the chat for "daily", as it is rather easy.

everything higher than that, using the chat is easier (by higher I mean higher in the list on the right, they are kinda sorted with difficulty/date of arrival).

For Cold Storage/Heavens mandate people need an item to enter all bosses. Those are the dungeons where you see yoyl or moml (your orb your loot, my orb my loot), as the person who brings the orb gets therefore the loot, so don't bid one those things.

You also wanna do the weeklies (Quest Know your enemy 1). Look on your server for people searching for weekly 1-5 or Hall of Templer - Dawn of Khanda Vihar 1-5 X/12. Most people don't mind taking you with them, they are not that hard once you know what to do (it is ok if it is your first time, don't worry if you die, just look out to not get up if you can't make the loading screen before the boss dies. You can come back to the fight, but if you are in the loading screen while the boss dies you won't get the quest but will get locked out)


I will add some abbreciations (I probably forget some, so please feel free to ask)

CS - Cold Storage

HM - Heavens mandate/Hongmoon (you can set point/levels/skills behind that)/hard mode (higher dungeons have normal and veteran difficulty)

NS - Naryu Sanctum

IF - Irontech forge

EL - Ebondrake Lair

SSM - Starstone mines

HH - Hollows Heart

DD - Drowning Deeps

RT - Ransaced Treasury

SST/ST - Sandstorm temple

cc - crowd control (stun/knockdown/daze)

kd - knockdown

SB/SF/BW - Soulburn (buff skill from the warlock)/Soul Flare (Same buff but from warden, is mostly called sb as well)/ Black wing (better version of SB which you can get with a

       legendary mystic badge from vt)

bb - Blue buff (Buff from Assasin/Kung Fu Master, used to be a blue button and a blue shine, colores might have changed with this patch)

bm - blade master

sin - assassin

kfm - kung fu master

warden - warden ^^

bd - blade dancer

des - destroyer

sf - soul fighter

fm - force master

sum - summoner

wl - warlock

gunner - gunslinger

bt - skybreak spire (first raid)

vt - vortex temple (second raid, the 3. boss is seperate and is called different, but people sometimes refer to him as vt as well)

tt - twilight temple (third raid, long way for you to go there ;) )

WTS - want to sell


can't remember other right now, as said, ask if some are missing.

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There is also weapon requirements asked by the leaders, this means stages for example

R3 or R+=means the Stage of the Raven Weapon, the first case shows the specific stage they ask, being usually 3, 6 or 9. the second one being for just having the weapon at any stage (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

The stage abreviations are

R= Raven

A= Aransu

GC= Grand Celestial (thank god we are not at the stage people, at a constant basis, ask for this to do simple content)

WTB= Want to Buy



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