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Blade Master dead in PvP?


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After the latest big patch i don't see any land in PvP any more, especially against CC heavy classes like Blade Dancer , KFM or Assassin.


what did this patch do to us?

Flicker Stun- removed

Five Point Strike Daze/Air - removed

Shoulder Charge daze - removed


All the new abilities that would give me additional CC cost me other ones.

Also our defensive skills didn't get buffed in anyway, we still eat all stuns and dazed people throw at us and Blocking does basicly nothing since everyone seems to just attack through it.

When fighting a KFM i hear him attacking my counter about 10 times but he never gets stunned from it.


Instead of giving us a 30% damage reduce while Dragonfire is active, why not make us immune to stun and daze as well so we can actually attack people like other classes during their bursts.

Or make the new Talent "Sharp Edge" give our attacks pary ignore to our attacks so we could actually attack anyone without getting stunned by the next counter.

I feel so completely crippled right now because i can't get anyone stunned or dazed to actually get some damage in while others roam around immune to everything spamming attack left and right without worries.


I also tried out the new talents that make us immune to getting targeted for 1-2 seconds, they do absolutely nothing because AOE still hit you.


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Well, from my tentative PvP experiences it doesn't seem so bad as it sounds at first. Most classes have taken a hit to their CC capabilities, and I like that as the stun-lock fiesta was grating on my nerves. Too bad some classes, like the ones you mentioned, were spared. And blocks became also somewhat more useful than before. Sure, most of the time attacks won't get deflected, because people attack with parry penetration or from iFrames, but at least 90% of all block disabling skills are gone now. And on another plus side, BM's got now a second Stun-Escape similar to FM's.

Personally, I'm definetly intrested in finding out how things will turn out in the long run.

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On 4/15/2019 at 1:57 AM, AkuNo said:

Another escape - added
Obnoxiously big damage with flash step - added
U have perma block, hmb, untargetable, hmz and an overwhelming amount of iframes. 

How is BM dead?

Don't forget their iframes make them untargetable, just like flashstep.

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Negatives for this update:

  • I previously would open with flying sparrow (LMB during windwalk) - Q - E - F - RMB - LMB - SS - 3 (OLD FVP SPECCED FOR KNOCKUP) - RMB - LMB.   This allows me to potentially bait a tab escape whilst still able to follow up without tabbing, we actually had threat potential after we hit flying sparrow. We were able to chunk down HP and sustain our damage throughout the match


  • My new opener is the one Ming Cai famously used during his most watched pro match which involves using 2 HIGH CD abilities, using these 2 almost guarantees a TAB however we lose our hongmoon pull (now just basic Z) and lightning draw. 2 30-40 second long cooldown moves.

My variation goes as follows.

  • Z - 4  - Q - E - SS - 2 - E - F - RMB - LMB - (improvise on opponents decisions) 


  • As you can see, lots of cooldowns in a very short time.


  • Before this we would have more of a threat after flying sparrow because we could use FVP in order to continue the threat we pose in a situation that could happen anytime in a game.

Positives for this update:

  • now BM's must play more defensive, in order to deal a decent amount of damage in a game, we cant just hop into the arena hoping that we hit a CC everything needs to be more precise and BM's actually need to think, this is the only argument I have supporting it. It increases the skill gap for BM's but does so in a very weird way, its not a mechanics skill gap its more of a "you've been nerfed hard as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ so good luck winning as many games" kind of nerf.


  • Personally I don't mind the update, its not something that's a ridiculous impact onto BM it still allows us to 1 combo and in PVP if your a good enough player you should have no problem putting yourself into a one combo situation when you play BM.

Overall I do see why people think this nerf is a good thing, especially the players who don't play BM. If someone hasn't played BM they cant make a judgement on this class.
Due to this nerf I'm gonna further my point saying that if you lose to a BM your basically just saying you cant adapt, a BM player cant adapt as well as other classes because our 3 cc removals, right now in BM's current situation I don't see a need for the class unless your playing tag team or PVE. Once again its an update focusing on the PVE and teamwork aspects rather than opening their eyes to the 1v1 solo players.

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