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Primal Force soul badge not working with awakening patch


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I was wondering why Scourge spec was doing less damage than Distortion and I figured out the cause.  The Primal Force soul badge that supposedly lets you use Dimensional Salvo after a Dragon Helix while Siphon is in effect is not working at all.  That fact is after you click Dragon Helix during Siphon the button for Dimensional Volley doesn't change at all, it doesn't change to Dimensional Salvo.  You can tell because Dimensional Volley is a blue colored icon while Dimensional Salvo is a red icon.  You can also mouse over the icon to check.  Because Primal Force soul badge is not working at the moment, Distortion is going to do a lot more damage in comparison because the discrepancy between Dimensional Volley damage and Dimensional Salvo is too great to ignore.   Dimensional Salvo is roughly three times the damage of Dimensional Volley and is supposed to be one of the two main damage dealers besides Dragon Helix for the Scourge specialization.

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