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[Suggestion] Unity xp daily cap => weekly cap

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5 hours ago, Bakuzan said:

Unity System is currently locked by Heaven's Mandate, Cold Storage, and TROVE

Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage are locked by TROVE because they nuked all our orbs

Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage can also be reset, via Ncoins

Are you really this dense?

Its not locked behind Cold Storage since you do not need an orb to access and clear first boss.

Idk about you but i have already 14 orbs....most of it from buying shards from others that sell them so its not completely nuked.

They could be reset before aswel. plus you can buy resets from the CS merchant aswel.


In regards to the stones i could see if the gap between the rarity of them would be something major but its not. Barely 30 crit damage so its very negligible. Unity as it is now is not p2w in any way, people just like to call it that so they have another ting to complain about.

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On 2019-03-18 at 2:41 PM, Youmukon said:

Nobody is forcing you to reach the cap literally everyday. The most dedicated players will, but that shouldn't be everyone. The system wasn't designed to allow just about everyone to easily reach the cap daily but instead to reward the most active players. You may not reach the cap daily and that's perfectly fine, instead of just thinking about the Unity system as a task you must complete no matter what, focus on playing the game as you would normally and increase Unity along the way. Eventually you'll reach the cap.


The Unity system has been designed with long term goal in mind, we will re-assess it as time goes by but as it currently stands the Daily Cap isn't going to change.

Sorry for bringing back an older post.


I need to mention how much I love this post by you Youmukon, and I wholeheartedly agree. I also love that you're honest to players who might have misunderstood a game design instead of responding with the old, typical "Thanks for your feedback" reply. It's why you're by far my favourite CM and seeing new posts by you is always a joy.


That said, I can't help but ask the question - are we to blame for that line of thinking? For the kind of thinking where when we see a new system like the Unity system, we complain about the Daily Cap because we want to max it as fast as we can? I don't think it is.


Rather, I think it's because of the game that the people at NCWEST together with Bloodlust decided to make. Because to monetize the game, you decided the best way would be to put in daily, time-consuming game activities to keep players logging in, grinding all the time. You constantly raise the bar for the highest gear obtainable and you always push new events that we go out of our way to make spreadsheets for in order to maximize the number of upgrade materials we can get. Because in a game like Blade & Soul, there is no other option - you want to level life skills, like fishing, hunting, sailing, or alchemy? No can do. You want to get into crafting and gathering? No can do. You just want to gear up very little while mostly socializing? No can do. Everyone is busy gearing their characters to the next extreme milestone that you put in place.


That's why we immediately think of the Unity system as an obstacle that we need to max: everyone part of the decision-making for Blade & Soul has nurtured and raised us to be on a neverending journey of gearing our characters. By just missing a single day, we'll lose out on that event currency, and we'll lose out on that Daily Challenge, and we'll lose out on that Unity grind. Because at this point, I'm personally deep enough into the Blade & Soul rabbit hole to wake up in the morning and instantly think about what I need to do before the dailies reset, putting my education at risk. Right now we're counting down our days when the final three servers are merging into one for Europe, down from the 18 that we started with, and apart from the poor services that NCWEST provides (bad maintenance times, misinformation, poor communication, lacking patch notes, incorrect translations, you name it), the game itself is just too time-consuming. All my old Nightfall Sanctuary raid members quit except 3 people, and they're all happy with their choice. Maybe it's time for the remaining player base to do the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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