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cold storage, my orb my loot, does this mean winter mane's loot + kaari's loot? or just kaari's loot?

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Not your loot if you didnt use an orb. Thats the way the cookie crumble dont be greedy. If you want the loot use your own orb.

Personally would never join a party advertising both moml.  They didn't spawn the first boss so they have to bid like everyone else.  The second boss is different.  Irrelevant of value of the loot or

Until this event (plus them switching to new orbs to remove all current stock) MOML in Cold Storage ALWAYS meant loot for Kaari ONLY!!   This event made people get greedy and lay claim to wi

2 hours ago, Mushin The Divine Fiste said:

There's more pressing problems like people stealing from moml runs or nc just doing anything.

This is basically what we were discussing, to some degree. Astarae's view is that people who use an orb in Heaven's Mandate or Cold Storage 2nd Boss Kaari should not be guaranteed loot, and so bidding should be allowed.

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HM drops an outfit and Mirage crystals so people still want to use their orbs if it means getting them.


If you run with someone and they turn out to be a scammer or they try bidding on the loot just block them and let everyone know either to not go with them or take them on their runs. Sooner or later they aren't going to be able to find groups for it.

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