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Ways to have btr game performance without freeze and crash

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For oversea player

VPN is a must, personally recon Wtfast, Dallas server(same if u use other vpn), see detailed instructions below


Screen freeze during boss fight

Turn off most of the camera options, I found some camera tick is the major cause of lag, freeze, go to camera and at least turn off "use reflex context guide", personally I only keep"repeated actions on key hold/nable cinematic skill camera/keep character in camera focus" these three options.


Crash Fix

if ur computer is 32 bit then use 32 bit client, if 64 then 64, don't cross! this is the major cause of crash! change it in setting at the little window pop up when u start the game (if u are 32 using 32 still crashes, u can try 64, same for 64, however, myself is 64, when I use 32 bit, I suffer a lot of crashes, this problem get fixed when I change back to 64)


Improve fps

Use Bns buddy and turn on"use all cores" and "bosst process priority to high" and u can change client bitness use buddy as well. 


Final Tips

If u have good graphic, don't hesitate to turn on those graphic quality options, cz even u adjust all quality to 1, crashes may still happen with same low fps. 




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About VPN settings


For example im in Australia, without VPN, my ping is around 500ms, after tried different vpn, my ping on average is around 280-300ms, with around 5% jitters and spikes


no matter what vpn u use, try to connect to multiple server at the same time! This reduced my ping from 280-300ms to 214-250ms, and this can reduce lag spike and jitters (if lag spike and jitter is below 2%, it means ur connection is healthy and stable), Above 10%, ur game experience might be affected. Above 20% u can see ur ping go up to 800ms+


For example, the best vpn server for NA is Dallas, choose 2 route from dallas that has the lowest ping, 

Dallas 19 is 196ms

Dallas 20 is 200ms


Therefore Dallas 19 is my first choice, Dallas 20 is a backup server to balance off the ping and spikes.







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