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Irritating Description of Unity System - Daily Reputation Limit


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In the new Unity System window there's this fancy little text, which doesn't even come close to saying what it's supposed to:



What it actually means is that this is the amount of Reputation I'm able to obtain today, until the daily limit gets reset.

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1 hour ago, bunnycloud said:

How is this a bug? It clearly says what it means just not phrased the way you want it to..

How does "113,900 time remaining..." say that I am able to obtain 113,900 Reputation today? Because that's what it means (or at least should mean).

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It might not be a functional bug, but it's still an error within the game. Where else should I report that? There's no forum/thread for localization errors, that I know of.


Also the description of the Bug Report forum says "Report an issue that you encountered within Blade & Soul here.". Is this not an issue?

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14 hours ago, Shining Neo said:

im not getting the point... It clearly explains what u want to know. Do i miss something?

  1. "113,900 time remaining" doesn't make any sense. "Time" is not a unit and therefore cannot be quantified.
  2. If you replace "time" with a suitable unit, for example seconds, then the statement is just incorrect.
    This is not a timer that shows when the Daily Reputation Limit will reset. This is the amount of Reputation I am able to gain today. Then I'll have to wait for the daily reset of the limit.
    So a correct statement would be: "113,900 Reputation remaining until the Daily Reputation Limit is reached"

Do you get my point now?

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