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Distortion Warlock - Bug List


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I've been testing Distortion Warlock for a few days now and noticed that there are quite a few things that aren't working properly, or at least not according to the skill descriptions.

I hope that you'll fix most of these bugs / description errors soon.


1. Way of Distortion (passive)


  • The level 55 passive Way of Distortion doesn't work at all!
    Please fix this as soon as possible, because it's an insanely strong passive that literally doesn't do anything right now.


2. Speed Demon (talent) + [Awakened] Bombardment


  • Using the Speed Demon talent removes the line "Decreases Cooldown of Dragoncall by 3 sec. On hit" from Awakened Bombardment. The CD reduction effect is still working, but the description is wrong.
  • The Speed Demon talent adds the line "Decreases Eclipse's cooldown by 1 sec. on a Bombardment hit" to both Bombardment and Awakened Bombardment. The actual effect isn't working properly though, as only around 1 out of 10 Bombardment hits actually decrease Eclipse's CD. If the effect is working as intended and actually has a certain proc-rate, please mention that in the description.
  • Getting 5 stacks of the Movement Speed Buff from Bombardment does not provide immunity to Snares


3. Spatial Warp (without Speed Demon talent)


  • Spatial Warp (without the Speed Demon talent) isn't supposed to deal damage, but does. It also has the "HP Recovery"-tag, without actually providing any form of healing. It also mentions a 1.7 sec cast time, but the only version of this skill that actually has a cast time is the one when using the Speed Demon talent.
  • The Step In Time talent adds an effect to Leech that is supposed to shorten Spatial Warp's cast time. This makes no sense, since the Spatial Warp version used with this talent doesn't have a cast time anyway (as described in the section above).


4. Enthrall


  • Enthrall is supposed to snare/root enemies, but doesn't. This was working fine before the patch and there were no changes to this skill. How did you manage to introduce this bug? xD


5. Temporal Collapse (previously called Obliderate)


  • Renaming Obliderate to Temporal Collapse caused the damage increase from the Demoncaller Soul Shield (from VT) 3-Set Effect to no longer apply to this skill.
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6. Leech


  • The buff description (from Siphon granted by Leech) mentions a 20% Critical Damage bonus, which is also applied. This is missing from the skill description.
  • The Step In Time talent is supposed to grant immunity to Snares during Siphon, but doesn't (just like the Speed Demon talent, as described in my previous post).


On a side note:

The awakening patch apparently messed something up with all kinds of Snare related effects. From skills not snaring anymore (even though they should, according to their descriptions), over Snare imminities not applying, to Bosses suddenly being immune to all Snare effects (e.g. 1st Miniboss in TT). Please have a look at that. Thanks.

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