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Can't install the game (error 1612)


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I was installing my game when I realized it installs everything on C which is fine exept... I use an SSD so no space, mid update I stop it and google a way to change it's update location, did find a tutorial that takes me to regedit to temper with some keys and key locations but it ends up failing so I manually delete the game, go to regedit again and look up everything related to BnS and also delete, have also used CCleaner to fix keys and even MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta(which doesn't even find BnS to uninstall) same with windows programs, can't even find BnS there. If I use the beta installer I can get the game to work but again, I run out of space cuz of SSD around 46% and the damn installer lit keeps asking me to remove a non existing BnS file that I can't find no matter how hard I try.

 I'm already in touch with support but if experience tells me one thing from them is that they aren't the brightest so I'm also taking it here in hopes some1 as had simular problems and managed to fix them (without formating the PC)

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