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Having horrible ping?


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I'm from finland and it shows that I have about 130 to almost 200ping  whenever I fight... HOW?! Is this normal?? Aren't I supposed to get at least 45 or so.... 

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Not sure, but I am on NA and in Ohio and I get 130-160. Not sure if they moved servers from Dallas or not but its horrible.

I was forced to use a VPN like WTFast when I played about a year ago and then was getting 100 or so down to around 70 some. But it was more for the spikes I was noticing.

Best of luck!

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Most gaming companies say that ping doesn't matter, because they have a system that compensates for it.

The only thing you should worry about however is your ping spikes, that is what gets dangerous for you.

But that isn't true either, you can see some DPS parses showing the difference with DPS in different regions using same rotations.

I went through all of this with customer service asking about my high ping and that is what they said, and referred me to my ISP to fix the spikes, never addressing my EU like ping, even though for my main other game of world of tanks I get 40. Well until they moved server to Chicago and now I get 70.

Found out it was more about my routing, See I live in Southeren Ohio, my internet, even though its fiber, is routed out of Pennsylvania, then it is routed back down to Chicago I think, and that is where VPN helped, as it re routed how I connect to the bigger lanes.

But still that is an extra 6 bucks a month.

You do get a free trial if you wanted to test the difference.

But again, not sure why you would want to pay extra just to play a free to play game.

I really really want to but I am getting freezing on bosses, and still haven't figured out a solution. I am hard wired so ethernet cable to a fast router and still no help.

You might check the regular troubleshooting to see if there is anything that you missed in improving your connection.

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Nothing should be wrong with my internet tho. And if I had this 130-200 ping but it was playable then ok fine, I don't have a problem with that. But the ping actually makes it diffivult for me to play. It's not smooth at all and i can definitely notice the huge delay,

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