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so recently ever since awakening my game started to freeze for eternity on boss fights in f8 dungeons and what I hear from the community is that im not the only one. ncsoft get your shite together and do something about it, people here are loosing heavans mandate, cold storage bosses because of those freeze, loosing progress in f8 dungeons, battlegrounds and battle royale. fix it for fox sake

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I am having odd freezing issues too. The frame rate just drops to 0 in the following areas...


- 2nd boss in DD.  When the boss does the spitting attack and tosses poison at the far mark ( near the exploding barrel ).


- mini boss in HH: when he does that room wide aoe attack  

- final boss in hh when it does the room wide aoe attack after sucking in all the players to him ( just after the flowers with the far and near mark ).


HM- room wide aoe attack on her second phase


EL: first boss, when she does the room wide aoe attack.


It happens to me every single time i run these dungeons. It doesn't matter which character class.  I have tried multiple settings. I have even turned on low end pc and optimized for combat.  That hasn't helped either.  It has only been since the patch.   During those above mentioned phases, the frame rate drops to 0 for about 5 seconds.  It isn't just me either.  Almost everyone in the party experiences it.  


Some guildies have said it also happens in MSP when he does the site wide aoe poison attack during stages 3-6.  



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