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Warlock Training Issue


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During the Scourge training, I am unable to progress at Advanced 5 (Key Combo Leech Combo). It requires me to start with Soul Shackle but it isn't available in scourge build. And when I switch the skills to Distortion it won't allow me to chain the other skills.


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had the exact same issue today. it's most likely about the training hall simply not being tweaked when they introduced the new builds system


basically what happened is that scourge build doesnt have soul shackle anymore, but instead has ravaging curse 


in the distortion build the rotation works fine, since the soul shackle skill is actually there


see https://discord.gg/vzpWMj and add a warlock role for yourself so you can access the channel for the class, and see pinned messages for the appropriate rotations regarding the build you wanna play :D


also see https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/warlock-class-week/ and see if anything there would still work for you

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