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BM awakening rant


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Okay, i want to share my view points on new Awakened Blade Master

am only going to look at Singing Blade (lightning) spec in PvE


1. why shorten HM block duration to 3sec from 5sec


2. Fatal Blade can only be used on a hit with Flash Step

- dps lost

- TT boss 1 will wipe party if tank Flash Step too far away from it

- 99.99% bm go One Strike, Ten Cuts which requires Songbird Soul Badge to maximize dps


3. personally i hate Sundering Sword, thus i take Shockwave Blade which is pretty useless in raids

- dps lost

- why Stun and then Daze

- may mess up joint attack


4. why remove Crackling Blade

- dps lost

- why introduce it and then remove it

- no point to restrain monsters, may as well remove restrain skills too


5. why put threat as a separate skill, just put it as a passive for 3min duration on a 30sec cd skill bm uses in her dps rotation


99.99% bm who spec Singing Blade will take One Strike, Ten Cuts over Fatal Blade

thus no point to introduce Fatal Blade


99.99% bm will spec 3rd path when it is released

thus no point to introduce 1st and 2nd path


i want to use a silly example below:

ur Captain gives u 3 items to choose and fight zombies

1. a rubber duck

2. a fork

3. a M4


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To be honest with you, I personally was not happy with some of the changes. However, its down to some small adjustments to timing. 


This is just my opinion and how I dealt with it. 


1) Indeed HMB initial 3secs of iframe is shortened but it refreshes 5x per resist. So still a total of 15secs iframe. Can just time using HMB a bit slower in some boss rotations to still have the same effect as before patch.


2) For pve, you dont really want to spec the Fatal Blade talent (bottom left talent). I believe its more for 1v1 and finisher kind of move....but I usually spec the middle bottom to enhance Q/E/SS for pvp.

And spec Crimson Blade for pve, that way you won't accidentally Flash Step on TT stage 1 ^^ .

You want to add One Strike, Ten Cuts into your rotation after 1-2secs of a Tab, since Hong bracelet will give massive dmg bonus to One Strike, Ten Cuts. And it also resets Tab. So I usually use it when I know I don't have anything else to reset my Tab.


3) Hypersonic talent is for pvp, since its range is 1x16m it can help stun, into a daze, into a air combo. But I find it hard to use still...so I usually spec the middle for more CCs when pvping.

And if you have the Ancestral Soul Badge, Sundering Sword is one of your main skills that reduce your Tab. I usually use it along with Lightning Draw to cancel animation. e.g Z>4>Tab.


4) No idea xD It was kinda cool to have a restraint skill. 


5) Indeed, this is one of my most annoying changes ahah...in raids, I feel like I have to find a good timing to 1>RMB for Warcry. Just to make sure I keep aggro. Should have kept it on the same skills. But I'm sure there was a reason...??


Like I said, this is my opinion and how I'm dealing with the changes...hope it helps you to understand the new changes. 

If I'm wrong, I apologize ^^

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1. basically, Bns wants players to not make a single mistake or else it will punish us with a wipe, such as at TT boss 1


2. simply give soul badge/accessories that boosts Fatal Blade as well as remove 'on hit with a Flash Step' requirement to balance both skills out

- why force all Singing Blade bm to go One Strike, Ten Cuts for PvE purpose

- so much for promoting & having diverse play-style, every bm has exactly the same dps rotation when it comes to dps in PvE


3. imo, Sundering Sword is probably the UGLIEST skill bm has to offer, and am happy to take Shockwave Blade over it

- once Songbird Soul Badge is readily available, say goodbye to Ancestral Soul Badge

- just imagine when we bm can fuse Songbird Soul Badge with another Soul Badge, how OP One Strike, Ten Cuts will be, AND how USELESS Fatal Blade will be in PvE

- why can't Fatal Blade be on a cooldown restriction base ONLY!! stupid Bns


4. exactly my point, Bns is an idiot to remove it


5. there is NO REASON to remove it, PERIOD!! we bm have enough to look out for when tanking in raids, why add fuel on fire!!


let me list below how many things we bm have to look out for ALREADY when tanking in raids, take TT boss 2 for example

- face boss to 12clock

- bait giant laser to 10clock

- block shield bash knockback

- bait 3 frontal spear to 12clock

- match boss symbol at all times, except during crossing and lifting phases

- HM block 2 stomp

- do stun/knockdown

- bait laser to start crossing phase

- [ADDED] [1]Block > Warcry to hold and maintain threat and aggro


while other non-tankers only have to look out for the following

- not match or match boss symbol

- party iframe 2 stomp, and this is only for sin/sum, others do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

- stun/knockdown

extra. shield bash knockback is not fatal to the party since boss will only drop aoe if tank is knockbacked, plus u can bypass knockback by standing at 3clock or 9clock


BOTTOM LINE, we tank have 3x more things to look out for, why add more, why add [1]Block > Warcry


6. don't get me started on bm skill glitches

- when in draw stance, if u [E]Blindside, u sometimes will do 360 instead of 180

- when in draw stance, red attack will put u out of draw stance and into normal stance


there are only 4 circumstances that will put u out of draw stance

- [1]Block

- Boot

- [E]Blindside

- run out of focus

- [ADDED] glitch


is there anyone who will pick a rubber duck or a fork over a M4 to fight zombies? NO

i will put u and 30 zombies in a sealed room, one scratch or bite from zombies will kill u, the room will be unsealed after u kill 30 zombies or after ur dead, [START]


is there any bm who will pick 1st or 2nd path over 3rd path when it is released? NO

when 3rd path out dps 1st & 2nd path by a huge margin, and EVERY player wants to deal godly dps, [I WILL TAKE 3RD PATH, F 1ST & 2ND PATH]


by the way, this is Scion Keep solo by bm with 3rd path

so, is there any bm going 1st or 2nd path after 3rd path is released? NO



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after a look at the "incoming" 3rd path, that's fun how its like what they originaly wanted to do with the "phoenix wing" where you could do range attack.


that path still is a bit strange because considering how it totaly change everything, but the skills effect look really nice.




And i'am not sure i really like that "ultimate skill thing"... it feel a bit too much like somes random mmo with the ultimate nobrain op skill. meh

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