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Is Divine Bracelet for Ice/Frost FM now?


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 So I've been playing Ice/Frost force master for ever now and like most (if not all) force masters i went for the Tiger Bracelet. But i just noticed that after the awakening patch the Divine Bracelet seems more suited for Frost build??? With my Tiger Bracelet i have to press F to activate the bracelet effect and can then press C (old Z) and spam 2.

But the Divine Bracelet's effects activates on C and also gives 40% more bonus to Frost 2, so i don't know anymore. 
I don't remember the old (?) Divine effect , but i think it worked differently. Did they change it and is the Divine Bracelet better for Ice/Frost Forcemasters now?

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You should aim for Divinity Bracelet that drops from ST, either with cores and 10 achievement or go with the drop. Its much better than the divine one. Its not that hard to farm it. I will edit this post once I get more info on the divine bracelet when I get home.

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