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Sun Yuong


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The Skillsystem was in the first Version of Blade and Soul somehow Complex, you could alternate between many different things and adjust your "own" playstyle in a really dynamic way.

Then there was the next bigger change, which included a one way skilling system, where you couldn't alternate between fire and wind anymore, you had to choose one of the skilltrees.

Third is the current Patch, you have just a few skills you can choose from, without anything special about it, without any real adjustements that are worth mentioning.

My issue is very easy to comprehend:

From an unique way of skilling your combat approach, a way that fits those that like to adjust many aspects of their own gameplay, so that one can approach a way of combat that resonates with your feelings, with your passion.

This has been demolished, most likely because casual gamers that do not "think about the difficulty of playing a class", so that even a total beginner, or someone that can't even grasp fast combat and a more dynamic / complex way of fighting ( someone that is bothered to even think and reflect upon themselves, someone stupid or lazy / cocky ).

The solution was to "limit" your growth, to limit your game experience and to limit your "options". From my perspective I only see incompetence in the developers of this game, because why limit yourself and others, when there is a solution to solve both issues at once, give the Person that seeks a more complex approach, a skilltree to adjust and pinpoint many different aspects. Then give the lazy, casual gaming ( pig ) a predefined skilltree ( that he can deactivate in the Options, if he seeks more complex possibilities, to adapt to a situation and to seek more depth in gameplay ).

But it just goes down to dampening the game experience. A brilliant game breaks its own legs, because of the limited vision of the decision making faction of the developers.

Back in the day, as a Kung Fu Master, you had so many different ways to enhance and adjust "Counter", or "Tiger Strike".

A class that was expected to be hard to play, became worthless.

The Fun I had when I started to play this game was 10/10

Now I need to force myself to find it "fun", so more like a 4/10

And I am sure If I would go to a earlier Version of this Game, the Fun would skyrocket again.
Just to "know" that the system gets more limited with each big update / addon, is the biggest mood killer ever.

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