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Dungeon Outfits changed?

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So basically i have noticed, that post-patch certain outfits / adornments had their description changed, and it is really confusing, since i could not find anywhere any information regarding this.

Simply put, outfits from dungeons like Starstone Mines, Hollow's Heart, Drowning Deeps, Sandstorm Temple had their description changed, to not mention hard-mode anymore.


(The outfits that had their descriptions updated, at least of which i have noticed are: White Wolf Hat, Wildwood/Head, Aurora, Shadow Captain/Head, Demon Slayer)

For example, the Wolf hat from SSM had description of acquisition "Starstone Mines-Hard" and now it only reads "Starstone Mines" .

I personally am after the outfit Aurora from Sandstorm Temple, but i do not really want to re-run it a hundred times on normal mode until i realize that it indeed is just a bug and i was doing it for nothing.


Can someone from staff please provide an official confirmation?

Or alternatively, if anyone has seen an outfit drop from one of the mentioned normal-difficulty dungeons?

Thanks in advance.

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