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Noob Warden Questions (Guardian / old frost mode)

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I used my lv 60 voucher and made a warden.  Due to patch update, most youtube videos are a bit outdated.  Below are my dumb questions:


1.  What are the optimal pve & pvp "talent“ builds, currently for Guardian model, i chose 21311, cuz a friend told me so.

2.  Threat.  The only threat skill i found is "War Cry", and i can not add Threat to any attack skill.  As a matter of fact, after the update, i cannot chose any cc type, or make any change in martial tomb.  Did i miss anything?

3.  At the start of the fight, do i use War Cry (ss+tab), or RMB as youtube suggested?

4.  Sentry Mode.  With courage badge, it should last 9 second.  However, I do not know what I did wrong.  As soon as i start attacking, sentry mode disappears, and back to normal mode.

5.  My dps is very low for my gears.  I mainly whack mobs with simple mode, plus spradical LMB + Sever + storm blade.  Any useful tip?

6.  Blade Ward:  How long does this thing last?  Does it resist boss cc the entire time?  what is the large area wall?  Other than Guard and G, Is this the only skill i have that can resist boss cc for longer than 1 sec?  Should I use Blade Ward as soon as it is off cd?



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1. people say madness/lightning is better for pve, but i use guardian for both.

2. you can use war cry pressing 1> tab, you cannot spec threat other than hm points

3. i dont know what video your speaking of but to tank i use 1> tab separately then go in with 2 v z 4 tab (or 2 z 4 v tab doesnt rly matter) 

4. You might be lagging, as pressing tab twice will take you out of sentry.

5. F is your main skill, you want to spam F and lmb and use 4 every so often to keep the crit buff. then tab if you have VT badge.

6. blade ward lasts for like 12 seconds i think? using f (epicenter) will reduce the cooldown allowing you to keep it up nearly infinitely.

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