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Did we lose access to this move? It's nice that frost Soul Fighters have gotten better (DPS-wise) after the recent update, but chi cloak was an awesome block due to its low cooldown and usefulness. Although self-defense chi can act like a block, it has a much higher cooldown. Without a reliable block, it seems like soul fighters are becoming more like glass cannons than balanced fighters. I'm not even able to block orbs in Snowjade Fortress anymore. Elbow smash is a cool attack, but I'd much rather have access to chi cloak. 


It's bad enough that we lost burning tundra...

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chi cloak is still here but in enduring strenght path. Seems that chi cloak is in the enduring strenght path(earth) and elbow smash in the eternal soul path(ice). Same cd but chi cloak last 2 sec and elbow smash is a counter(with a 1.5 sec of resist).

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