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Fire gunner - F12 burst 3mil, full buffs burst 3.3, wth?

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Was parsing in F12 last night, pulled 1.7m after Moyun died in a couple of attempts, till that moment still didnt tried anything with buffs, so i was thinking like: "ok tomorrow ill prolly see 3.8-4m burst in weeklies with buffs and stuff".


So today im going weeklies with my clannies, had blackwing and bb, couldnt wait that moment to see the burst but ofc out of curiosity to see the "boost" with buffs, 1st bulletstorm attempt (Gravedigger) i had 3mil burst with 2 gc stacks after the 7th bulletstorm.

Im thinking like, fine i guess nothing triggered from accessory buffs, then i tried again, and again and again, and i ended up with reaching max of 3.3m burst.


Now my question is, after 6-7 attempt, is it possible that i had such a bad rng in each attempt, or buffs actually do nothing now for gunner? In 2-3 of those attempts i was reaching 4th gc stack after 3rd-4th bulletstorm tho. And im really confused now.

Saddest part was i ended up with 1.650 at end of solak weekly boss, and i had no lags, i had perfect ping and only 1 party of 6 people doing that weekly and i had buffs lol. Maybe i did few small mistakes, but still nothing that bad that i would actually had less dps then in F12 without any buffs and only spicy dumpling activated.

My apologies if im missing something, just call me stupid then, but i play gunner since its existence, was always in top 3 dps in literally any raid that i played or any dungeon i did, and now i feel like they screwed up something badly with gunners or i became even more dumb. No 3rd option. Thx in advance for any info.


Im on True Tiger soul btw.


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11 hours ago, Disty said:

My assumption is you used Bulletstorm only while Soulburn and apparently its bugged and deals less dmg than without. Try to use it with bb only and it should be higher.

No the problem is not in SB, problem is in Awakened Bulletstorm. Weapon does not boost Awakened soulburned skills. So since i found this out, for anyone out there who is curious, yea u have to disable awakened bs. With normal bulletstorm + buffs i did 4m+ with low cd soul. With awk bs 3.3m max.

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I alredy Write to suport but i noticed that for gunners Starbreaker Braclet is not working propertly  like wass with Badges,  if u open F2 and chek it shows up but when u Open Normaly K and chek skills not even on single skill Braclet apears Missing Quickshoot, Unload, Bulletstrom and all some for awekened Versions too, so Yeah :tired: they broke gunners again.  Started cheking this because my Dmg went down from 4m bursts to 2.5-3m 




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On 2019-03-15 at 12:20 AM, iKickz said:

bns devs don't care about gunner. It's the most neglected class out of all. Every patch has nerfed gunner in some way. gunner has 1 team buff... nothing else.. bottom dps. 

Gunslinger: We're forgotten! We've been nerfed into the ground!

Soul Fighter: First time?

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