No Hongmoon code after 2 days!

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I know you guys are very busy with reaching out the codes for this FREE Hongmoon Ascension Pack and I know the code may appear some later time, just wanted to make sure. Because you guys certainly do not seem to reply on tickets too (why even bother having the support then).


Either way, I applied for the FREE Hongmoon Ascension Pack before and I logged in today, and I am just scared that I won't get that code because it says you have to log in 13th of March. After applying BEFORE the Hongmoon I got this message:



'Thank you for registering for your 
Hongmoon Ascension Pack!

Don't forget to log in after the new Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update has gone live on March 13. All eligible accounts will need to claim their Hongmoon Ascension Pack before 11:59 p.m. PDT April 9 / 8:59 CEST April 10.'


The code isn't also  under the unused codes in my account, so please support don't come with the mainstream answer or I will just stop again playing this game because it shows clearly that you do not care about player being.


What can I do right now next to waiting for (non-auto) reply?


Thanks in advance,

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When did you exactly apply for the pack? there was a set deadline.

Also, did you check that you actually complied with the terms and conditions for that pack? Pehaps that is the reason yuo did not get it, cause lets face it there can only be 2 reasons: it bugged out for you or you didnt meet the requirements. Either way support can only assist with that so if you sent a ticket you need to wait, and considering like with every content update of this size there is a huge influx from tickets, replies may take longer.;

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Posted (edited)

I also applied, checked everything, sent a ticket yesterday after the patch and have yet to recieve a response as well the pack.

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