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Tower Of Infinity npc change for awakened update!

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Just gonna hijack your thread since the title is close to what i was gonna say anyway.


They really buffed the crap out of ToI this patch lol. Holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤! It was way more enjoyable before this patch, i actually did the daily every day.


Why remove FM's chill on RMB? Disgusting choice. Why give BD a deflect on spin now? Disgusting choice.


Your favouritism towards melee classes is a joke. YIKES


Not too bothered since i got my floor 100 achievement 2 seasons ago. But for newbies, this is cancer.


Have fun guys :giggle:

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Terrible change and bullshit that they didn't tell us in advance about the change, why even change it? I'm sitting on hundreds of Victory tokens and can't do anything with them, can't sell, can't buy XP charms, nothing. Seriously this patch had so many oversights, that players are paying for, it's seriously pissing me off.

Every trove i buy about 1k keys, not this one, until you commit fixing all the things forums is exploding about, I'm boycotting support of this game, I've reached my limit.

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Can we get official answer on this? Is removing the XP charms for victory tokens intended or bug that will get fixed?

If intended why wasn't it in the patch notes, so we had time to spend those tokens, as we wished? I spent hours in ToI, on main and alts and trust me it's no easy task doing it on undergeared alts and then having all that work thrown through the window...

Also what am I supposed to do with said tokens, hundreds of them, they're not tradeable, nor is there anything at NPC worth using on.


I've been with you since closed beta, with founder's pack and premium ever since, not to mention supporting through endless troves and rng chests, I think few minutes of your time, that takes to answer this, isn't asking much is it? Thank you.

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