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Returning Player - Changing skills??

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I am returning to the game from a very long break. Since I have been gone the interface has changed drastically.  When I stopped playing there was a skill tree where I could pick between a few different version of the skills to suit my playstyle. From looking at my Summoner (Lvl 45) now, It appears that the ability to customize skill was removed and replaced with two pre-configured builds to choose from. If there is a way to alter the two builds I couldn't see how. I would like to use the Taunting version of Crouching Tiger but I see no way of selecting it in the new layout.


I'm sure there will be other changes I will need to figure out like my weapon doesn't appear to be upgradable anymore. But I want to ask if there is something I am overlooking in the new skill windows?

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you need to fist complete your story. Then do an orange Temple of succession quest that will get you to level 60 then do a purple quest that will unlock your skill window and allow you much more customization.


Remember to collect the skill points from your achievement menu under character skills and from the level 60 achievement there too.

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2 minutes ago, SuperMoche said:

Hi guys,


@Grimoir does it mean that in order to change a skill effect from damage to cc for example, i must be level 60?

It will become harder to do pvp before hitting level 60 :(



No, you can just do the purple quest and that should unlock it. the quest just needs you to run through a cave.

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