Below you will find a list of current known issues for Blade & Soul. This is not a comprehensive list and may not contain all issues found within the game.     Known Issues – January 22 Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest sometimes does not provide any items If you experience this issue please contact our Support Department Friend Request notification does not appear unless the client is reloaded Daily Challenge Quests for PvP are not in-sync with the PvP Schedule Awakened True Wyvern Talisman displays incorrect "Enduring" text Awakened Edict Belt displays incorrect "Unbound" text Skybreak Accessories for Assassin and Destroyer have inconsistent naming     Known Issues – January 22 Minor clipping issue on Gon Female characters when wearing the Aurealis Shimmer outfit. Swarm Summoner Hongmoon Training Room: Projectile Resistance indicates that Petal Storm should be used to complete the training, which is a Thorn Summer Skill. Please note that you can still complete the training using the Hive Swarm skill. Thrall AI Stage 1~4 in Trial arena has more HP than Stage 5~10. Chakra Icon for Kung-Fu Master does not show the stacks. When customizing Custom Butterfly Clip Hair you'll be unable to change its Main and Secondary color. Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena NPC have increased HP. Auto-fishing is cancelling early.   Known Issues – December 11 Dragon Fist KFM’s Searing Dragon does not hit target when used while moving. Gunslinger’s Ricochet skill is not working as intended. Archer Smokescreen (Tab) ability has a 1 second delay on camera movement Assassin “Sagewood” and “Limitless” soul badge does not reduce timebomb cooldown KFM’s Eternity soul badge does not reset Pivot Kick cooldown after using Comet Strike Assassin’s Allegiance soul badge does not reduce Mine Toss cooldown upon a successful Dynamic Kick   Known Issues – July 24 Weekly Challenge Weekly Challenge quests are currently not counting for the Weekly Challenge rewards. Cold Storage Orb of Ascension cannot be used to summon the second boss. The antiqued item White Orb is usable currently. Shackled Isles Entering Lobby (F8) as a party for Shackled Isles causes players not being able to queue. User Interface The Lobby (F8) UI does not dynamically update the start time for scheduled events like Shackled Isles, Arena, and Battleground based on the user's time zone settings. Event Players are able to enter the Hae Mujin's Outlaw Arena Event Dungeon before completing the associated introduction quest first. Known Issues – June 19 Blade Master Way of the Spectral Blade Divine Retribution has incorrect cooldown time. Enforcer and Exemplar Soul Badges do not increase Starstrike effect duration in Lucky Stars talent. Soaring Falcon has no focus requirement. Soaring Falcon tooltip does not display damage. Boot tooltip does not display Basic Stance requirement. The level 55 passive skill Harmony displays incorrect text. Kung Fu Master Way of the Iron Claw Soul Burn and Soul Flare’s Blackwing visual effect is present during Kung Fu Master’s 3rd spec Wolf forms. All Wolf forms cannot be entered during Simple Combat Mode when Titan Stance is active. Dire Wolf is missing "Increases Critical Damage by 15%" in its tooltip when Triple Threat is enabled. Known Issues – May 15 Quest tracking for Chapter 7 in the Temple of Succession quest line is not accurate. Warlock Nether Pulse does not work properly when used. Warden Juggernaut does not reduce the cooldown of Blade Ward. Legendary Soul Badge Sword Salvo does not reduce cooldown of Divine Strike in simple combat mode. Known Issues – April 10 Warlock Warlock Demoncaller Soul Shield 3 set bonus damage to Temporal Collapse is not applied. Destroyer Reaper Destroyer Scar debuff is not lowering PvP defense by 1000. Assassin RMB UI does not appear for Assassin while in Simple Mode. Character Info (F2) Heptagonal Obsidian has missing text in the description and does not appear correctly in F2. Skyrift Mystic Badge grants Wind Focus when using Sunder in the Thundering Blade spec. Default color of "Special Forces" costume was changed from green to black. Known Issues – March 13 Kung-Fu Master Dynasty Mystic Badge's Dragonflare skill doesn't Pierce Parry. Warlock Vampiric Drain skill receives Extortion talent buff even when it is not selected. Draining Soul talent gives unintended Hex Storm bonus. Scourge spec has multiple skill with incorrect damage. Blade Dancer Boot skill also applies knock down when it cancels defense. Summoner Sunburst skill displays incorrect casting area. Raven Bracers, Aransu Bracers and Grand Celestial Bracers Enhance an Incorrect Skill. Quest Journal displays incorrect Weekly Quest reset time.