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Known Issues: Forgotten Souls – April 1


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Below you will find a list of current known issues for Blade & Soul. This is not a comprehensive list and may not contain all issues found within the game.



Known Issues – January 22

  • Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest sometimes does not provide any items
    • If you experience this issue please contact our Support Department
  • Friend Request notification does not appear unless the client is reloaded
  • Daily Challenge Quests for PvP are not in-sync with the PvP Schedule
  • Awakened True Wyvern Talisman displays incorrect "Enduring" text
  • Awakened Edict Belt displays incorrect "Unbound" text
  • Skybreak Accessories for Assassin and Destroyer have inconsistent naming



Known Issues – January 22

  • Minor clipping issue on Gon Female characters when wearing the Aurealis Shimmer outfit.
  • Swarm Summoner Hongmoon Training Room: Projectile Resistance indicates that Petal Storm should be used to complete the training, which is a Thorn Summer Skill.
    • Please note that you can still complete the training using the Hive Swarm skill.
  • Thrall AI Stage 1~4 in Trial arena has more HP than Stage 5~10.
  • Chakra Icon for Kung-Fu Master does not show the stacks.
  • When customizing Custom Butterfly Clip Hair you'll be unable to change its Main and Secondary color.
  • Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena NPC have increased HP.
  • Auto-fishing is cancelling early.


Known Issues – December 11

  • Dragon Fist KFM’s Searing Dragon does not hit target when used while moving.
  • Gunslinger’s Ricochet skill is not working as intended.
  • Archer Smokescreen (Tab) ability has a 1 second delay on camera movement
  • Assassin “Sagewood” and “Limitless” soul badge does not reduce timebomb cooldown
  • KFM’s Eternity soul badge does not reset Pivot Kick cooldown after using Comet Strike
  • Assassin’s Allegiance soul badge does not reduce Mine Toss cooldown upon a successful Dynamic Kick


Known Issues – July 24

  • Weekly Challenge

    • Weekly Challenge quests are currently not counting for the Weekly Challenge rewards.

  • Cold Storage

    • Orb of Ascension cannot be used to summon the second boss.

      • The antiqued item White Orb is usable currently.

  • Shackled Isles

    • Entering Lobby (F8) as a party for Shackled Isles causes players not being able to queue.

  • User Interface

    • The Lobby (F8) UI does not dynamically update the start time for scheduled events like Shackled Isles, Arena, and Battleground based on the user's time zone settings.
  • Event
    • Players are able to enter the Hae Mujin's Outlaw Arena Event Dungeon before completing the associated introduction quest first.

Known Issues – June 19

  • Blade Master
    • Way of the Spectral Blade
      • Divine Retribution has incorrect cooldown time.
      • Enforcer and Exemplar Soul Badges do not increase Starstrike effect duration in Lucky Stars talent.
      • Soaring Falcon has no focus requirement.
      • Soaring Falcon tooltip does not display damage.
      • Boot tooltip does not display Basic Stance requirement.
      • The level 55 passive skill Harmony displays incorrect text.
  • Kung Fu Master
    • Way of the Iron Claw
      • Soul Burn and Soul Flare’s Blackwing visual effect is present during Kung Fu Master’s 3rd spec Wolf forms.
      • All Wolf forms cannot be entered during Simple Combat Mode when Titan Stance is active.
      • Dire Wolf is missing "Increases Critical Damage by 15%" in its tooltip when Triple Threat is enabled.

Known Issues – May 15

  • Quest tracking for Chapter 7 in the Temple of Succession quest line is not accurate.
  • Warlock
    • Nether Pulse does not work properly when used.
  • Warden
    • Juggernaut does not reduce the cooldown of Blade Ward.
    • Legendary Soul Badge Sword Salvo does not reduce cooldown of Divine Strike in simple combat mode.

Known Issues – April 10

  • Warlock
  • Warlock Demoncaller Soul Shield 3 set bonus damage to Temporal Collapse is not applied.
  • Destroyer
  • Reaper Destroyer Scar debuff is not lowering PvP defense by 1000.
  • Assassin
  • RMB UI does not appear for Assassin while in Simple Mode.
  • Character Info (F2)
  • Heptagonal Obsidian has missing text in the description and does not appear correctly in F2.
  • Skyrift Mystic Badge grants Wind Focus when using Sunder in the Thundering Blade spec.
  • Default color of "Special Forces" costume was changed from green to black.

Known Issues – March 13

  • Kung-Fu Master
    • Dynasty Mystic Badge's Dragonflare skill doesn't Pierce Parry.
  • Warlock
    • Vampiric Drain skill receives Extortion talent buff even when it is not selected.
    • Draining Soul talent gives unintended Hex Storm bonus.
    • Scourge spec has multiple skill with incorrect damage.
  • Blade Dancer
    • Boot skill also applies knock down when it cancels defense.
  • Summoner
    • Sunburst skill displays incorrect casting area.
  • Raven Bracers, Aransu Bracers and Grand Celestial Bracers Enhance an Incorrect Skill.
  • Quest Journal displays incorrect Weekly Quest reset time.
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