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Deathly Hallows English Clan


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We're a friendly competitive clan in Blade and soul not not so competitive neither slackers 

  • Age required : +16:HongWhat:
  • Language required : English only:shock:

Clan Rules : 

  1. Follow the game's rules, no cheating, scamming, botting or any other third-party game breaking programs
  2. Be active, don't slack so we make our family better
  3. Be respectful towards all clan members and treat all the way you like to be treated
  4. Everything is announced and discussed in the discord, so pay attention please
  5. No Drama, if you have any problem with any of the other members you should go discuss it with a Veteran, Advisor or Leader

NOTICE: being inactive for 2 weeks without a notice of inactivity will cause you to get kicked of the clan and lose your member role in discord

What do we do?

  1. We do raids such as (Temple of Eluvium[VT], Skybreak Spire[BT])
  2. We do Dungs everyday so if you're up to any dungs and need a party you can leave a message on discord asking if anyone wanna join
  3. We do Pvp But Currently off Cuz not enough people likes to join The Clan BG but we can still do it for fun

How to join?

Join the discord https://discord.gg/3B46G93 then message the clan leader or the Veterans for more info

Remeber to bring honor to the Hongmoon Clan :victory:

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