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Event Soul Obtainable?

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Could we get some QA testing on event notes before they go live?

Instead of changing them without any sort of announcements?


The first time the event notes came out:

1) gems weren't even listed in the rewards

2) FAS and SJF rewards went from 2->3

3) cost of soul went from easily obtainable to not even possible*


Currently the event page lists the cost of the crit soul to be 26 per stage and at five stages that's 130 Blossom Orbs.

Event lasts 28days (4weeks) 

3 Blossom Orbs a day for a possible 84 orbs 

8 Blossom Orbs a week  for a possible 32 orbs

a grand total of 116 Blossom orbs for completing the ENTIRE EVENT and you still do not have enough for a crit soul.


Obviously someone messed up something on the event page but this kind of basic error would easily be spotted if anyone even read over what was written before announcing it. Furthermore I think it's best if there are twitter/forum/site announcements if you change the event page. Most people read the event page once, it's bad practice to make people constantly refresh your page.


edit* i can't count

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Just to verify it is 26 Blossom Orbs total to achieve Brilliant and not 26 per stage. Sorry for the confusing wording we'll get it cleared up. 


Thank you.

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