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11 minutes ago, notnottes said:

Wow, it's actually different. Mine looks like this. https://imgur.com/a/WDGKjml

However, on yours, that is most definitely a button to register an NC account, the link for details on the event is below it. That's what I clicked before where I got the info about waiting till the 13th. It's not there on my page anymore. Does that mean I did it correctly?

no, the two buttons for the pack, pressing the button now gives this message:

Sorry! You are not eligible for this registration event.

Only accounts created prior to 10:00 a.m. PST / 19:00 CET on February 25, that are in good standing and have a character that is level 10 or higher, are valid for registration.

But, you can transcend all your limits and more in Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan on March 13


it only says that because the registration has ended though.


i'm not sure if the button isn't there because you already registered for it or if your cookies have updated since the registration have ended. But if you ever pressed one of those buttons, you should be good.


edit: the "play free now" button at the top right is for registering an account, since i'm not logged in. the two REGISTER NOW buttons are for the free pack.

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there are two buttons
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I'm pretty sure I clicked just the link and not the button, because I already have an account. The register now button is VERY misleading, as usually they use that as a way to sign up for the game. But maybe I did. Either way, I don't think my friends did it correctly. So, like I said, shady and a bit disjointed. If that's what caused all this, that's absolutely on NCsoft. Unclear marketing is effectively no marketing at all. You can't have two buttons be the exact same thing and have two different functions, and dates for things should ALWAYS be clear when you're a business. If they can't bother to make this right, I can't bother to spend money on their games. I genuinely think this was the desired outcome for NCsoft. They don't want new players, just to milk the old ones for a little while longer before this game goes under.

This is probably the best 1v1 PvP game out there, and probably the only MMO to stick with eSports that isn't WoW. Shame it's fallen so far. I probably got the pack, but just based on how they handled this alone, I'm no longer interested in this game, especially without my friends. Thanks for your help, Yndril.

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3 minutes ago, notnottes said:

 You can't have two buttons be the exact same thing and have two different functions

They have the same function though, didn't matter which one of those you pressed to register for the pack, and they used in the phrase just above "register now", though i admit that they probably should've worded it like "register for the free pack" instead, it's not like there was a lack of space to write those buttons a bit longer. I hope that you and your friends pressed any of the buttons to register. And hope this clears up this missunderstanding.

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Quick question. I registered and everything before the dead line, but i was not prompted into any confirmation just straight into my account information page after i signed in. I did this a few times last week to make sure, but i am now reading that they took you through a step by step process on how you recieve this pack, which I did not see when i registered. So now I am worried I some how did not do this right.

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il y a 22 minutes, SimpleLie a dit :

And how to get voucher?


il y a 2 minutes, vampzie a dit :

I don't have any voucher and I did register before deadline. What's going on?

On the website, go to ur account details, go to redeem a code, click bns, and voila

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