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Returning BM (Need Help)

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Hey, like the title said I'm returning after about year break, and I am totally lost. My BM is 36 or 37. The last thing I remember doing with Infernal for my outfit and item to upgrade my weapon.


1. Do I still upgrade weapons, at my lvl or do we use drops now?

2. Do we still tank or do other classes do it?

3. What is the difference between Lightning and Fire now?

4. Any tips or tricks would be great!!!


Thanks for the help and advice in advance!!!


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I can't help with all, but a bit...


1. There are no upgradable weapons before lvl 50 now, so no, just take what the story gives you. You probably can salvage your current weapon, but please look at what you get carefully, as it might be too high for your level or your current one might be better.

2. yes it is still a tank class. There is an easier tank class, but bm still does tank

3. While I can't answer that, there is a major update on wednesday  wich changes the skill system, you wanna try out both at that point

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