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Emilia Tan

What soul and what mythik badge should i get first

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if u go with earth summoner u should keep in mind that u need the magnum batch when ur getting ur vt badge since it´s the must have badge in the dynasty mystic badge (VT raid) sinergy for earth sum. U will get more dps with alluvion as long as u dont have ur vt badge but thats at the current point of the game just the question of how fast u will get vt gear (dont know ur group situation, if u have a guild that can do VT easily u should skip alluvion for sure). for purple mystic batch u go either with skyrift or Pulse badge. with 3 parts BT soulshied the Pulse badge will probably give better results here.


For further information about earth summoner i would suggest u taking a look at the class section for summoner here:

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