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Power A xbox one controller issues.


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Ok, so I have a Power A brand xbox one controller. I can confirm there are no issues with the other games I tried. Subnautica, Vampyr and witcher three have shown no issues but when it comes with BNS my right stick stops working. It will move the camera around then stop. It will kinda start back up some if I move the stick up or down a bit. I thought it was just hardware issues but it can't be since it works perfectly fine in other games. Is there like any issues with Power A controllers that we know of? Any workarounds or fixes? Like the rest of the controller works fine its just the right stick for camera movement. Something that doesn't happen in other games. Only with blade and soul. 


I already submitted a formal Ticket but Eloi from the Support staff said this was outside of their Troubleshooting. 

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To add additional information. I used the xbox accessories app which tests and lets you configure xbox one controllers to see what was going on. I had the test function up on the app and bns in the background. Both the app and bns picks up the button presses so it shows in the test and does an action in bns. The right stick is not doing anything in bns but is being registered as working correctly within the xbox app. So the problem is with blade and soul not the controller itself. It functions properly everywhere else but bns. 


The driver within device manager also confirms that the driver is the latest and functioning correctly. There are not really any settings in bns that much that deal directly with the controller and I see no INI files to check. I am not sure what else I can do because the controller is working properly but bns is not registering something correctly. 

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