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Or all classes become available to all races.


Honestly, the whole race-class restriction is stupid. BnS is not TERA with too many races that makes it hard to develop animations of each class for one-or-two gender of every race. Four race, 7 genders (Yun only has one) is what BnS has.


Even racial lore about Lyn being weak in physique is a joke now, with BD and WD already physcial-weapon classes for them. Also, NCSoft actually never cares about racial lore in the first place. There is no racial difference in the game: everyone is counted as human: from a hulk-like Gon to a tiny little Lyn. No one feels that Lyn is not good for physcial labor (they even mine in Brightstone village), no one feels that the love between a Lyn and a Jin/Gon is weird, except for the first being a bit too short...

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Reminder that Jins are still the race with the most classes

Lyns are second


Gons and Lyns were tied at having the least up until Gunner release


"Hurrhrhhhrhrhrh why more lyns?!"

More players play lyns. So your problem is with the playerbase of all regions, not the company itself.


Archer is the next class and it's Jin/Lyn

Which will still leave Jin at the race with the most classes.

If you'd like to see another race get a class, make a fuss about exactly which race instead of crying about Lyns. No one cares about how any of you feel about Lyns. Focus on exactly what race you want to have more, not which race you want to have less because that doesnt actually tell them anything/give them any idea of what to do. It's not feedback, you're wasting everyones time.

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