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Semi-noob new patch and new class specializations

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Just started to play a few months ago. I am confused about the new class specializations. I play a frost warlock and sometimes switch to a shadow. Will the new specializations (distortion and scourge I think) take over for the old specializations? If so will I need to learn the class over again? Thanks for the help and clarification.

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In essence its the same but with a little bit of flavor added, it might change how you play because we are going to get new talents that will modify certain abilities and might change your rotation, but its not going to be a whole overhaul and start over again, it might even make your life easier in terms of rotation or buffs that you need to mantain

Distortion i think is the one for Frost and Scourge the one for Shadow (not sure), just imagine that you got a name change, thats it

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