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So don't get me wrong I like this game but one of the things that drive me crazy is random crashes. Usually, it's only during raids...I've turned off other characters, don't run anything else, and even turned off the reactive skill warnings and yet occasionally I still crash. Even today I crashed during Realrift which I thought was odd because I've never crashed during a 6 man dungeon before. Can anyone make some suggestions on what I can do to eliminate crashing for this game? It's not a pc problem, I don't think...I have more than enough of a powerful computer to run this.

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Unless you're already using it, I highly recommend to use the 64-bit client. Although it's suggested that 32-bit minimizes the amount of stuttering, the other client at least doesn't crash. If that doesn't work, try doing a file repair. I suppose the last resort is to contact support, but speaking from personal experience, it usually doesn't help a single bit.



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