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DD and FM KD

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I’m not sure if all FMs are aware of the KD cheese in DD when there are 2 or more FMs in the party.  On the final boss it is very easy to skip the annoying bubble mech and KD the boss with at least 2 FM in the party.  


During the mech phase when the boss does the party vacuum after the pools and the bubbles have disappeared,  is when FMs can KD the boss and if done correctly it works every time.


After the vacuum just before the group knockback,  Press Z once, then after the accompanying group knockback, press Z again for the KD to take effect.


It’s  easy and works every time.  It’s much easier for FMs then the difficult backwards SS, Q, E, stun that takes far too long and may not work.


I’ve taught this to other FMs in DD after the stun has failed on the first attempt. Some players may disapprove of this method but after they see it work you shouldn’t have any problems with them.

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nice post!


and Assassin Landmine KD on Z would work the exact same as FM Heatwave in this case i imagine


and Summoner Cat V Anklebiter KD might have potential, been a while for my sum there not sure how the interaction would play out.


Perhaps unrelated but: any insight to why WL double stun is on thrall Q instead of Tetherblade? and not the other way around...,?


Thank you all.



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You can do that with KD, it's a safer route.


Alternatively, FMs can also still stun and bypass knockback by respeccing their ice stance Z to frost burst (makes you go airborne).

After the initial pull, immediately press ice Z to avoid it entirely.


This works similarly to gunner's Skystone (Q).

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