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I started PvP at 45 - please lower my ranking

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So I'm new to the game. I'm a soul Fighter... and the community here is horrible (I've been yelled at multiple times, reported for afk cause I died in a dungeon, you name it...)


Great intro right?


So far I love the game... I'm old slow, and apparently, in the way...


Can you please drop my ranking? I'm fighting unranked level 55s HM-what ever I duno…. I'm not even level 51 yet. Why am I fighting these people? Why am I being yelled at and called out in my first dungeon at level 50 by level 55HM Rock stars?


And what is wrong with the PVP in this game? "I out ping you??" It didn't take me long to figure that one out. You got first hit so you win.... awesome... but I still shouldn't be fighting you at lvl 45 nor 50. Something tells me Soul Fighters are really bad in PvP. BM's, Summoners and Warlocks can lockdown a fight to the point there is no competition.


I need to level up my weapon... so drop my rating mmk?

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