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Question about upgrading weapon (Baleful Dagger)

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So I have a STAGE 1 Baleful dagger with 7 sockets, my question is if I upgrade it to Stage 2, will my sockets decrease to 3 sockets? because that's what the image shows on the preview. 

Newbie here.

Thanks guys

I have all the requirements so please do let me know. 


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Negative. In fact the opposite may happen. The 3 sockets in the preview image is just a stock image. Sockets cannot decrease during upgrade, there's a chance once you upgrade you'll get the final 8th slot. Nothing to worry about. 

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1 minute ago, Dexyn said:

Yes, all preview image will show 3 sockets by default. 

I can't imagine the outrage someone with 8 sockets upgrading their weapon and having it turned into a 3 socket.

hahaha true I just did, Its stage 3 now. Still 7 sockets. thank you so much

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