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Soo, EU's Character Info?

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On the 13th of September in 2017 with the launch of Rise of the Gunslinger, EU's Character Info page stopped working as intentional due to an issue where characters created after that patch could not be found after searching on them.


Now that it's been bugged for almost a year and a half, and now that a character stats won't display properly, I think we've been patient enough.


Can F2 please be fixed? It's been long enough. It's more or less a meme at this point.

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Been patient for another 10 months, hoping for any information on fixing EU's Character Info (F2). Can't confirm if JoannaRamira's post of NA's Character Info having that issue was fixed or if it always worked, but either way, as of right now the Character Info for NA works while the EU one doesn't (and hasn't since September 2017, may I remind you). Here's a GIF if the issue was too hard to understand:




Oh, and EU's Marketplace when checking the graph of a certain item's price is also broken. At this point, any details on even if you're just aware of it would be appreciated.

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I can confirm it's broken. Just putting this here in case devs exert that usual unhealthy dose of skepticism and say we are imagining things and that it's a temporary hiccup with the service. This problem has been here for as far as I can remember. The list hasn't been updated since forever. New players simply do not exist in the system. Unless you can click their name in the chat, or you know a name of their characters made in first half of 2016, you are simply not looking them up.

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Marketplace, Currency Exchange and Character Profile may be intermittently unavailable until 10:30 am PST. It will impact both NA and EU servers.

Don't worry guys, server Jinsoyun has had their Marketplace and Character Info partially unavailable for a while now. Managed to bring it up with the dev team yet? Take your time, only 2 years went by after all. Happy Anniversary by the way.

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