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Mushin The Divine Fiste

Trying to make a destro

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I've been trying to gear it up in realmrift. Should I be grabbing the bosses? Some people are complaining that they can't hit the boss, when I literally just stand there until poh falls on her own. Should I be running around with it? I've read it has something to do with ctrl f.


I see it happen all the time on my main since I use ctrl f too, but I was never really bothered as long they don't run away. I just look at the grabber and keep hitting. Works 90% of the time, but that's just me. Is it the meta to expect/have the grabber run away? Maybe to have it update the boss on people using ctrl f? Or is standing still the right away, and some people are just lazy?

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Definitively do not run around with grabbed boss, that would make hitting it harder for every melee class.

Grabbing the bosses in realmrift is definitively worth.

1) it can delay it's mechanics/annoying attacks. This is specially helpful during slahimi's encounter because you can kill him without his invulnerable phase.

2) The skill bonuses from gear doesn't work here so the skill that can be used against restraint target deals higher dps then standard skills.

Just tell the party that you are going to use grab so they should enable the restraint skills if they have them disabled. And do not use grab during SB, that's a waste.

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