Farewell Blade & Soul!

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On 2/15/2019 at 2:24 PM, FlameSui said:

Exact same situation happened on Vindictus EU. Our Community Manager - Belsazar, also after many promises simply left us. He made similar farewell post, talking about nostalgia, a new life path, etc.

Shortly after, we found out he left to the other game company; to a "bigger" upcoming game, which was BDO.


Toxicity of community was probably one of reasons why he wanted leave and I belive similar situation is with Jonathan.

But toxic people are everywhere and there will be always people who will complain (regardless if for good or bad reason).


I don't saying game is dying (because every game will die sooner or later anyway), but after Belsazar's leave, Vindictus simply started fading. He knew when to retreat.^

After time, servers were eventually merged/moved to NA, kept alive by "whales", who just can't leave it (yes, game is still alive).

Game is a shadow of what it was before, containing stuff between what suits casual whales and the things asked multiple times by community years ago.. when it's too late.

You can't compare Nexon and NCSOFT, I have played Vindictus for years even tho Nexon is by far most incompetent gaming company that ever existed (still remember waiting 3+ months to get replay on ticket when I lost very expensive item coz of their server crash, not even to mention that infamous server merge when they simply wiped out all EU accounts). I haven't been playing it coz of Belsazar, same as I don't play BnS coz of Jonathan or Bethany, but simply because I like the game.

Personally I cant care less they are leaving, I haven't even been watching the streams, just read recap or patch notes that's all I need ;)

And yes as you said game will die sooner or later simply because people getting bored of same game for long time, its getting old, new better games are coming out, thats just normal process how it goes.

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We will miss you . Blessings and Happiness <3 _ Rev.Huey (Shen) Kundese Community

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