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Localization & Translation Error List

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Forgotten Grand Celestial Soul Shield has an incorrect tooltip by featuring 'Acquired from' names based on the KR localization

Yeah, I noticed Wailing Archfiend too. Strange how this kind of stuff occur so often. Here's some more incorrect translations, starting with the one you pointed out: Brood Chamber displays the C

Unity stone set effects: some of the higher-end set effects incorrectly display "Attack Power" twice, when one of them (with the bigger number modifier) is actually meant to be "Mystic" Seem

The Steelbreaker, REV-A DEV-A

  • Attack after Flying Slam in phase start is missing an attack name.
  • Pop-up message An Anodic Piece creates a Magnetic Storm is missing a blank between "a" and "Magnetic Storm".
    • This also applies to the message A Cathodic Piece creates a Magnetic Storm.
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  • Way of the Grim Blade
    • Skill description for Grimreaver (Z) skill refers to the 'Grimreaver' as 'Thrall'.
    • Specialization description in the Martial Tome (K) has an unintended linebreak in the middle of a sentence.
    • Enforcer Soul Badge's third line is incorrectly written.
    • Character Info (F2), as usual, has a ??? for a spec name and a lock for the spec icon.
  • Party Finder (F7)
    • House of Idols lacks a name in the Party Finder.
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Wanna throw out that the skill descriptions that are present on the Character Info viewer seems to have its words jumbled around? It ends up having strange sentences, and most descriptions differ from what's actually written in the game.


Some examples to show what I mean:


Spinal Tap (Serpent Assassin)

  • on hit Inflicts Stun for 2 sec.
  • on hit Bleed 1
  • on hit Venom 1

Shadow Dash (Serpent Assassin)

  • when hitting an opponent from behind Triggers Stealth for 6 sec.
  • when used on opponents hit by Turning Leaf Triggers Stealth for 6 sec.

Heart Stab (Serpent Assassin)

  • on an opponent with 5 Poison stacks On attack Casts instantly
  • on a Stunned or Dazed opponent On attack Casts instantly
  • during Stealth Casts instantly
  • on hit Decreases Cooldown of Toxic Splash by 0.3 sec.
  • on an opponent with 5 Poison stacks on hit Inflicts 2595~2714 additional damage


Ingame, it's written with the same words, but with proper structure to the sentence. For example, ingame, Shadow Dash actually says "Triggers Stealth for 6 sec. when hitting an opponent from behind".


Thankful if someone could look into this.

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  • Blade Dancer's introduction in the Race/Class Selection refers to Flock of Blades, a Blade Master skill.
  • Way of the Singing Blade/Grim Blade/Undertaker/Eternal Soul headers in the Race/Class Selection contain unintended line breaks.
  • Brilliant Ascension/Radiance Stone Chest refers to containing a Rare stone, instead of Superior.
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